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We are a striking balance of cutting-edge technology, quality equipment and professionalism. Our truck hire services are professional, prices affordable, and solutions applicable to all your construction or earth moving projects.

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"A special word of sincere thanks to the team at Blue Sky Trucking for their ability to deal with the unexpected that weighs in on the day.
Very professional and organized staff. A+ Customer Service. "

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Get a blend of best market rates, a wide selection of trucks and result-oriented, professional service.

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We at Blue Sky Trucking Pty LTD would like to seek involvement in your major earthmoving, mining or construction projects. We offer professional moving truck hire services for both personal and commercial needs.

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Skilled Operators

We take pride in the qualifications and experience of all our drivers and staff.  All our staff go through thorough training and vetting to make sure you are only served by the best.

Fully Licensed and Insured Trips

It pays to be protected. Hire trucks from a company you can trust. In addition to our professionalism, every trip you hire with us for your road, tunnel, quarry or civil project is insured.

Fleet Tracking Systems

For efficient business, each truck is equipped with a fleet tracking system in order to monitor its exact location at any given time.

What Makes us Different

We are driven by self-excellence, experienced staff and a fleet of trucks you can rely on.

Affordable Rates

We have the best cheap truck hire deals in Australia. Our rates begin from as low as $88 per hour (excluding GST) for normal business hours.

Expression of Interest

We would like to express our interest in offering truck hire services for any of your earthmoving or construction projects.  It would be a privilege to work alongside your team and streamline both your long- and short-term projects.


Our competent staff are hand-picked from the most qualified and experienced movers in Australia to offer you truck hire services you can count on.

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We offer a wide selection of trucks and earthmoving equipment so you can benefit from hiring rather than having to buy. We worry about your moving needs so you can worry about everything else.

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